July 23, 2018 //

Announcing the Logo Design Contest for Teen Arts Leadership Summit!

Spread the word: Any Chicago-area teen age 13-19 is invited to envision and submit a design for our Teen Arts Leadership Summit logo!


A Happy Hour that Inspires

Associate Board member Lauren discusses why she got involved with Urban Gateways and how you can support arts education, starting with Happy Hour on May 24.


Notes from the Associate Board: Why Artini?

Associate Board member Erin Matthew takes to the Urban Gateways blog to tell you why you should attend Artini 2016 – and why she’s been a steadfast supporter of Urban Gateways programs.


Why Choose Urban Gateways’ Associate Board?

Associate Board Member Colin Moore discusses why he got involved: Great times with great people, clear results, and the opportunity to see Urban Gateways’ impact firsthand.

November 23, 2015 //

Utilizing Your Community as a Classroom

Executive Director Eric Delli Bovi writes for Americans for the Arts’ ARTSblog about the importance of getting students out of the classroom to expand their learning; the good old-fashioned field trip is key.


The Internship

Today, while posting our internship description on various job-searching sites, I was able to take a moment to reflect on my own time working as an intern at Urban Gateways. When searching for an internship earlier this summer, I was originally looking to find work at an art consultancy or local gallery. As I plan …


The New Arts Forum’s Summer Event: Why TASK?

Urban Gateways’ Auxiliary Board, the New Arts Forum, is trying out a brand new summer fundraiser this year – a TASK Party. Join us on July 19, and learn more about the TASK concept here. Below, New Arts Forum Events Chair Roshni Khurana tells us why the New Arts Forum chose to go with TASK: …


Class is in Session

Cast your mind back to when you were a kid in school. For me it was parochial school in Des Plaines and Arlington Heights, with the old wooden desks, and the good Sisters of St. Francis at the chalkboard. It was “Fun with Dick and Jane” and the Baltimore Catechism, it was learning the Palmer …

January 30, 2015 //

Arts + Culture = Economics + Happiness

Arts educators are constantly hunting for the latest quantitative research showing how dramatically the arts affect human growth and development – not because they doubt the arts’ qualitative merits, but because let’s face it, numbers can be easier to grasp (especially in the digital age of ever-shrinking attention spans). Sometimes it’s frustrating to need numbers, …

January 14, 2015 //

“Community” through Kindergarten Eyes

One way that arts education supporters help us out is by devoting their multi-media skills to our program documentation (if you have photography/videography skills and you’re interested in spending some time taking photos or video of our school programs, contact us!). One very skilled photographer who helps us out from time to time is Alayna …