From improv to body percussion and from Brazil to India, get to know our new shows!

We’re excited to announce that our touring performance roster is gaining six awesome new additions just in time for the 2017-18 season and school year – read on to get to know these new shows!


Notes from the Associate Board: Why Artini?

Associate Board member Erin Matthew takes to the Urban Gateways blog to tell you why you should attend Artini 2016 – and why she’s been a steadfast supporter of Urban Gateways programs.

February 26, 2013 //

Artist Q&A: Shantal Moody, Dance

Here we go again with another Teaching Artist Q&A, if you haven’t seen it, check out our conversation with Carol Weston last week. This time we were so excited to talk to Dance artist Shantal Moody! UG: When was the very first time you can remember feeling inspired by dance? I remember being inspired as …

January 22, 2013 //

VANS Custom Culture Contest – Win $50k for your school!

It’s always really amazing to see huge and popular brands take action for Arts Ed. In this case, VANS has teamed up with Journeys and Americans for the Arts in the fourth year of the VANS Custom Culture art competition for high school art students. What is this contest, you ask? The premise is simple: …


Celebrating Special Kids Making Art

Teaching artist Judy Petaque recently spent eight weeks working with 1st and 2nd grade students with Autism and Attention Deficit Disorders at Daniel C. Beard Elementary School. This is just downright adorable, and inspiring, and so great (see the evidence in the slideshow below, from a scrapbook Judy made to document the experience). Judy didn’t …


Our Top 12 Favorite Blog Moments of 2012!

Is it really already 2013? Where did 2012 go? While it definitely flew by, it was also filled with tons of amazing Urban Gateways moments that were highlighted here on the blog. These moments were captured in pictures, videos, sounds, interviews, stories, and thoughtful reflections on issues affecting Chicago and the rest of the country. …


“I have changed a lot” Arts-Wired’s Positive Impact on Fairfield Students

To say the kids at Fairfield Academy had a good 2011-2012 school year would be an understatement… because they had an awesome one! Thanks to law firm Jenner & Block’s generous help, Fairfield students were given the chance to participate in a year long Urban Gateways program called Arts-Wired. Lucky kids! UG teaching residencies, touring …


Elementary School Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Hooked on Cuba!

Last month we posted a fantastic interview with Zachary Himelhoch that made us so excited for Hispanic Heritage Month, and definitely got us Hooked on Cuba! UG touring group ZJH Percussion, featuring Zachary and Jorge Leal, visited Near North Elementary School on September 26th to teach them a little about Cuban culture. Zachary, Jorge, and …

August 21, 2012 //

EPIC Upperclassmen Help Ease New Freshmen’s Nerves

By Jamie Kostecki Just last night I dreamt that I couldn’t remember my locker combination, and then my locker was nowhere to be found. I’m five years out of high school, and it’s still haunting my dreams! Luckily for incoming freshmen at EPIC Academy, they have a resource to help ease their first-day-of-school jitters: ARTicipate …