The magic of live performance – at a safe distance. Urban Gateways now offers Virtual Performances!

Urban Gateways Artists have been hard at work creating a new art form: Virtual Performances! Virtual Performances bring a spark of imagination to the safety of home, to classrooms, or anywhere with access to a computer or phone. Our interactive Virtual Performances can be streamed live or offered as pre-recorded, on-demand videos. We offer Virtual Performances appropriate for school and community audiences of all ages that represent a variety of art forms and cultures through dance, music, and theater experiences.

Watch below for a glimpse into Virtual Performances, and request a Virtual Performance here!

We offer two types of Virtual Performances:

Live Customized Virtual Performance
  • Live Streamed on Zoom Webinar (or alternate format based on request)
  • Interactive features during the performance to engage the audience directly
  • Linked recording of the live performance released to you for 1 week
  • Length: 30 minutes
On Demand Standard Recorded Performance
  • Standard show pre-recorded and released via Vimeo link to you for 2 weeks
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Optional customized Q&A video from an artist

Urban Gateways will work with you to select performances that are sure to engage, entertain, and educate audiences. Browse dance, music, and theater performances that are available virtually below!

Breakin’ It Down: Hip Hop History >>
The Evolution of African-American Music: From Africa to Hip Hop >>
Heartbeat of Japan >>
Made-Up Musical >>
Travel Tales >>
Voices of Chicago: Slam Poetry >>

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Contact Lindsay Tornquist, Program Coordinator for School & Community Performances, with any questions: [email protected] or 312.445.2743.

Breakin’ It Down: Hip Hop History

Breakin’ It Down: Hip Hop History (Chicago Dance Crash) – From the dancers behind “History of Dance from Ballet to Breakdancing” comes this new and exciting show all about the world of hip hop dance! This interactive performance focuses on the history of various hip hop dance styles, including popping, waving, funk, breakdancing, and more. Audiences will learn about the development of this now iconic dance style, from its early start in freestyle back in the 1960s to the choreography seen in today’s popular culture.

For All Ages
Live Streamed Performance Base Price: $500

The Evolution of African-American Music: From Africa to Hip Hop

The Evolution of African-American Music: From Africa to Hip Hop (Bruce Henry & Band) – An interactive concert for all ages that explores the history of African-American Music. This entertaining and educational concert will help participants understand and appreciate how the many styles of African-American Music – from Field Hollers to Jazz and R&B – are all connected.

For All Ages
Live Streamed Performance Base Price: $500

Heartbeat of Japan

Heartbeat of Japan (Tsukasa Taiko) – The rich history of Japan comes alive through dynamic music and dance examples, embodying the centuries-old culture of this beautiful country. Audiences will be introduced to the thunderous roar of Taiko drums, the grace of classical dance, and the stories behind these traditional art forms.

For All Ages
Live Streamed Performance Base Price: $500

Made-Up Musical

Made-Up Musical (Storytown Improv) – From superheroes to undersea adventures, from princesses to dinosaurs, Made-Up Musical takes audiences on an interactive, fully improvised musical adventure. Through interactive online features, the audience helps shape the story by providing suggestions and ideas to create a one-of-a-kind show. When the possibilities are endless, no two stories are ever the same!

For grades PreK-5th
Live Streamed Performance Base Price: $600

Travel Tales

Travel Tales (Jeremy Schaefer) – A good story is sometimes the best way to visit distant corners of the world and the far reaches of the imagination. Travel Tales follows characters on epic journeys, filled with adventure and learning! Interact during the story with chat and see your responses inform the show. A hummingbird migrates from Canada to Mexico, a child travels all the way to Timbuktu, and we tour the southern edge of the Sahara. Explore the globe with original stories and virtual interactive activities!

For grades K-5
Live Streamed Performance Base Price: $400
Promo Video >>

Voices of Chicago: Slam Poetry

Voices of Chicago: Slam Poetry (Chicago Poetry Center’s Poets with Class) – Some of Chicago’s best poets bring poetry to life through their own original work and inspire students to create their own version of Chicago through writing.  Building on Chicago’s unique heritage as the stomping grounds of many great writers and the birthplace of modern performance (“Slam”) poetry, Poetry Center presents an interactive and engaging three-part performance in Voices of Chicago. This show weaves in a brief history of the city’s poetic heritage, a showcase of diverse styles of contemporary slam poetry, and an audience-interactive poetry game that culminates in a micro-slam.

For grades 5-12
Live Streamed Performance Base Price: $550
On Demand Performance Base Price: $300

To book a Virtual Performance, fill out our Virtual Performance Request Form!

For questions contact Lindsay Tornquist, Program Coordinator, School & Community Performances: [email protected] or 312.445.2743.