Game of Warriors: Brazilian Capoeira

Virtual Performance • Dance, Music

Game of Warriors: Brazilian Capoeira (Gingarte Capoeira Chicago) – This exciting performance introduces audiences to the history and meaning behind capoeira, a Brazilian cultural art form that beautifully combines dance and music with the acrobatic skills of martial arts. Learn about Brazil’s cultural history and how through the creation, preservation, and use of various art forms, Africans fought against slavery and contributed to social equality and justice in Brazil.

Capoeira started during the slave trade in Brazil, as a way for slaves to practice self-defense without getting caught. They disguised it as a dance by incorporating music and instruments. It was outlawed in Brazil until Mestre Bimba legitimized it. Since then, Capoeira has evolved over the decades. Today it is Brazil’s national sport and is practiced all over the world. It is a rich martial art form that combines dance, acrobatics, culture, music, and community.

For All Ages
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