Workshops offer direct instruction by Urban Gateways Teaching Artists and provide opportunities for young people, families, and/or community groups to engage in the artistic process together.

Workshops are available in dance, music, theater, literary arts, visual arts, and/or new media. Offered as a one-time event or as a short series, a workshop can include a central idea or theme – for example, relationship-building through a collaborative project or exploring world cultures through authentic art forms.

Workshops can be held with students during in-school hours or incorporate the arts into events such as a school’s Field Day, Family Night, or Art Fair. Community-based workshops can also enhance events such as a Park Festival, a Peace & Healing Celebration, or a youth conference.

We are now offering Virtual and In-Person Workshops:
  • In-Person Workshops are offered as a one-time session or a short series and are available for schools and community-based settings. In-person workshops typically last about two hours, but the length can be customized depending on the partner’s goals.
  • Virtual Workshops are typically 15 to 45 minutes in length, with formats including live via Zoom, pre-recorded video, live integration into existing virtual learning platforms (e.g. Google Meet), or a combination of these.

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*Please note in the comments what type of Workshop you are interested in (Virtual or In-Person) and our staff will reach out to discuss.

Pictured: A mother-daughter workshop (pre-pandemic) at Nuestro Center with Teaching Artist Diana Solís. Photo by Danny Howard.