A virtual speaker series celebrating Urban Gateways’ 60th Anniversary! Our final event of 2021 is ART & Looking Ahead on December 8. Register now >>

Through the ART & Speaker Series, Urban Gateways invites our supporters and community members to explore connections between the arts and a variety of timely and thought-provoking topics. Presented in a virtual speaker series format, ART & events feature creative and insightful contributors including artists, arts and community leaders, art enthusiasts, and more.

Happening throughout 2021, these forums will shed light on the far-reaching impact of the arts on our city and our society – and foster dialogue about how the arts can create change in 2021 and beyond.

The ART & series is free to the public, although a $19.61 ticket donation is suggested for those who are able to contribute (in honor of Urban Gateways’ founding year, 1961).

ART & events will also be made available as recordings for on-demand viewing.

*If possible, we will transition to in-person events later in 2021, should social distancing guidelines be relaxed. Upcoming events, however, will be hosted virtually.


Visit individual event links below to dig into event details and to meet our speakers!

ART & Storytelling

Wednesday, February 10 @ 7pm CST
Everyone has a story to tell. Discover how artists illustrate and build narratives in creative bodies of work. The recording for this event is now available! >>

ART & Race

Wednesday, April 14 @ 7pm
A conversation about disrupting systemic racism in the arts sector, as well as recognizing art that confronts racism. The recording is now available on YouTube >>


Wednesday, June 9 @ 7pm
This conversation will highlight how artists are challenging society’s norms and bringing awareness to issues that call for justice.
The recording is now available on YouTube >>


Wednesday, August 11 @ 7pm
A dialogue around art as therapy, trauma-informed expression, and how the arts can heal, rejuvenate, and strengthen our communities.
The recording can now be streamed on YouTube >>


Wednesday, October 13 @ 7pm
A deep dive into how the arts inspire creativity and impact social change.
The recording can now be streamed on YouTube >>


Wednesday, December 8 @ 7pm
2020-2021 has been a trying time for artists and arts organizations; many have had to completely reimagine how they work and create. In this conversation, speakers will discuss the obstacles they’ve experienced and how they plan to move forward in the years to come.


Check out the calendar below to explore all that’s ahead of us in 2021, and visit our 60th Anniversary page for more info!

Urban Gateways 60th Calendar of Events


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