The Harmony of Korean Drumming and Dancing

Virtual Performance • Dance, Music

The Harmony of Korean Drumming and Dancing (Korean Performing Arts Institute of Chicago) – Captivating artists illuminate the grace and power of traditional Korean drumming and dancing by demonstrating intricate performances. Harmony and its role in nature and the Korean arts is featured throughout. This dynamic performance will showcase four traditional styles including: (1) samulnori, a piece showcasing the four core instruments of Korean percussion music, (2) seoljanggu, a piece showcasing the janggu, the representative Korean traditional drum, (3) lion mask dance, and (4) sangmo pangut, a piece played while dancing and spinning sangmo (a ribbon hat). The artists explain how samulnori uses the philosophy of yin and yang and sounds from nature to create harmony in its performances, encouraging the audience to become a part of the performance.

For All Ages
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