EPIC Upperclassmen Help Ease New Freshmen’s Nerves

By Jamie Kostecki

Just last night I dreamt that I couldn’t remember my locker combination, and then my locker was nowhere to be found. I’m five years out of high school, and it’s still haunting my dreams!

Luckily for incoming freshmen at EPIC Academy, they have a resource to help ease their first-day-of-school jitters: ARTicipate participants created a video offering the new high school students and their parents advice and tips based on their experiences thus far as EPIC students.

Let’s backtrack for a minute here. ARTicipate was an Urban Gateways program for upper classmen at EPIC Academy this summer. Participating sophomores, juniors, and seniors served as peer leaders to incoming freshmen by:

– Leading them through conversations about art

– Supporting their healthy transition into high school

– Being positive role models

Quite a lot to handle, but it’s clear that the students had a very rewarding experience with a great video to prove it.

The conclusion? Students had fun meeting new people, were surprised by how much the teachers cared, advised future students to study hard, and asked parents to help and support their kids. Let’s hope they continue to practice what they preach!

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