Notes from the Associate Board: Why Artini?

Urban Gateways and I go way back: I started off as their Marketing Intern following college graduation and then transitioned to become a member of New Arts Forum, now the Associate Board. Basically, they haven’t been able to shake me. What attracted me to the organization initially was Urban Gateways’ dedication to providing arts education to kids of all ages and backgrounds in Chicago and the surrounding area. And then I stuck around because of the amazing people who work there, the work they do, and the dedication everyone has to providing these different and important arts experiences to those who otherwise may not have access to them.

The entire time I was searching for a full-time job after college, I was looking forward to being able to join the Associate Board and being able to contribute to Urban Gateways in another capacity after my internship was complete. I’ll be honest; being on the Associate Board is really fun. We have a great time throwing happy hours, going to sporting events, and working together to plan fundraisers.

This year, with a brand new name and a whole ton of new members, we present Artini 2016. What’s Artini, you ask? It’s a fun fall cocktail party that benefits the amazing work done by Urban Gateways, with all proceeds helping to build a stronger, more vibrant Chicago through arts education programs. It’s swanky fun, taking place at Parliament in River North and featuring drinks (signature “Artini” cocktails, beer, and wine), appetizers, a photo booth, and live performances by Urban Gateways artists.

Guests can also participate in a silent auction and wine pull as additional fundraising activities. The silent auction will feature unique packages including themes of New Year’s Resolutions, Reading and Relaxation, Memberships to Chicago Institutions, Comedy, Chicago Sports, and more. I guess you’ll need to come to Artini to find out what else is included!

Artini is an easy and fun way to get involved and support Urban Gateways’ important mission to educate and inspire young people by delivering high-quality, accessible arts experiences. If you’ve never had the opportunity to support Urban Gateways before, we invite you to attend and get to know not only the Associate Board but also the organization while supporting the vital work they do.

Tickets to Artini are now $65 and are available for purchase right here!


LCM Architects, Chicago
Erin Matthew is a former Urban Gateways Marketing Intern, a current Associate Board member, and the Associate Board’s newly appointed Marketing Committee Chair. Erin works as Senior Marketing Coordinator at LCM Architects in Chicago. (Photo: LCM Architects.)


Thank you to our generous Artini sponsors:

The Cullen Family