“I have changed a lot” Arts-Wired’s Positive Impact on Fairfield Students

To say the kids at Fairfield Academy had a good 2011-2012 school year would be an understatement… because they had an awesome one! Thanks to law firm Jenner & Block’s generous help, Fairfield students were given the chance to participate in a year long Urban Gateways program called Arts-Wired. Lucky kids! UG teaching residencies, touring performances, and field trips!? No wonder the program had such a great impact on the students and teachers of Fairfield!

UG teaching artists James Jankowiak and Amaniyea Payne worked with Fairfield teachers to develop arts programs that went along with the students’ curriculum. Amaniyea taught African dance that tied into the Social Studies class’ history lessons on the Old West, and Casper led his students in a discussion about corporate advertising while teaching them new visual art skills.

The students loved it!

81% of the students said their excitement about coming to class increased.

93% agree that because of the arts residencies, they do better in other classes.

“I am more creative now and can think of more than ne way to do things”

So did the teachers!

100% of the teachers believe the program positively impacted the climate of the school.

“My students have understood the importance of teamwork, sharing, collaborating, and working together to create something very beautiful.”

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