The CPS Arts Education Plan is HERE!

The brand new Chicago Public Schools Arts in Education Plan is available now for your perusal!

READ IT HERE! (And check out some pretty great Urban Gateways photos scattered throughout.)

Arts education contributes enormously to 21st century skills like innovation and collaboration; increases graduation rates and decreases dropout rates; and provides a host of advantages for low-income students in particular. The CPS Arts Ed Plan addresses all of this and explains how the district will make music, drama, dance, and visual art integral parts of every child’s K-12 education from hereon out.

As the plan states: Quite simply, the arts are essential.

Not only does the plan lay out goals for 2012-2015, but it emphasizes the importance of community arts partnerships (that’s us!).

As arts education providers and advocates, everyone at Urban Gateways is proud to participate in this exciting moment for Chicago and Chicago Public Schools!

Read the CPS Arts in Education Plan. And be part of the conversation – tell us what you think!