The New Arts Forum’s Summer Event: Why TASK?

Urban Gateways’ Auxiliary Board, the New Arts Forum, is trying out a brand new summer fundraiser this year – a TASK Party. Join us on July 19, and learn more about the TASK concept here. Below, New Arts Forum Events Chair Roshni Khurana tells us why the New Arts Forum chose to go with TASK:

The New Arts Forum is taking a new direction with our upcoming event – a TASK party. In the past, the New Arts Forum has planned fun events with a focus on art to attract young professionals and build awareness and support for Urban Gateways. However, while these events were often centered around art, creation and imagination were never a focus.

With this event, we want to push participants to step out of the box and use their imagination. Rather than just fueling their appreciation of art, we want to inspire participants to create art, and remind them what art does for them, as that is often forgotten in our day to day lives. For the students that Urban Gateways supports, not only do our arts programs provide a creative outlet, but they teach them important life lessons and help students understand the world around them. By reminding our supporters of the importance of art, especially for children, we hope to build a more genuine understanding of the significance of our mission. New Arts Forum TASK Party Sunday, July 19, 4-7pm Lillstreet Loft – 4437 N. Ravenswood Ave. TICKETS: $20 >>