October 20, 2016 //

Healing Trauma through the Arts in Chicago and Beyond

Urban Gateways Executive Director Eric Delli Bovi takes a look at how Urban Gateways and other arts organizations are helping program participants heal trauma through creativity. This blog was originally published by the Americans for the Arts ARTSblog.

November 23, 2015 //

Utilizing Your Community as a Classroom

Executive Director Eric Delli Bovi writes for Americans for the Arts’ ARTSblog about the importance of getting students out of the classroom to expand their learning; the good old-fashioned field trip is key.

August 28, 2015 //

Our Year in Review

Our fiscal year comes to an end on the 31st, and as we jump headlong into a new school year full of new arts experiences, it is also worth reflecting …

April 10, 2015 //

Let Kids Fail in Order to Succeed!

This blog was written by Urban Gateways Executive Director Eric Delli Bovi (pictured below right) and was originally published on ARTSblog by Americans for the Arts. See the original post …