Why Choose Urban Gateways’ Associate Board?

Chatting with Colin Moore, Associate Board Member

When looking for ways to get involved with Chicago nonprofits, the options can feel endless and daunting: Where to even start? Our Associate Board is a wonderful choice for Chicagoans who want to contribute to this city’s artistry, equity, and vibrancy through arts education. Here to tell you why is Colin Mooore, a Consultant with Accenture LLP who has been a member of our Associate Board since March 2015.


Urban Gateways: Why did you get involved?

Colin: I got involved with Urban Gateways because it is an exciting way to give back to the community and help [underserved youth] gain exposure to the arts, develop their talents, and pursue their dreams. What sets Urban Gateways apart from other charities is the ability to witness, firsthand, the difference you are making in the community.


Is this only for artistic people?

Not at all. While I may dabble with the occasional karaoke night, I am not what one would generally consider an artistic person. I simply enjoy the arts and have been fortunate enough to have had exposure to the arts throughout my life. Urban Gateways supports both performing and visual arts, so there is something for everyone.


Why Urban Gateways?

I am very results driven and like to see the impact that we make firsthand. Simply hitting a fundraising goal does not fulfill my vision of success for a charity. Witnessing the positive difference you are making in the lives of children is far more rewarding to all those involved.

The level of exposure that Associate Board members have to the programs we support and children who benefit from our efforts is unparalleled. Throughout my experience with Urban Gateways, I have had the opportunity to see performances from several of the groups that work with the children, as well as the children in the programs. To be able to personally witness the difference we are making in these children’s lives is a rewarding experience unique to this charity.


What is Urban Gateways about?

The foundation for Urban Gateways is that everyone, regardless of their means, should have the opportunity to appreciate and take part in the arts.


So, do you have a good time?

We have GREAT time. Through all the happy hours, sporting events, and Galas we strive to make sure all those who are involved enjoy themselves thoroughly. The board is made up of friendly, approachable professionals with a wide range of interests and hobbies who are always happy to engage with you.


Thanks to Colin for taking the time to talk with us!
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Colin Moore

Colin (right) at the Board’s TASK Party in July 2015. The Associate Board’s fundraising events are unique and creative.