What do the One World Trade Center and Star Wars have in common?

Traditionally, when we think about the arts, things like music, painting, and dance come to mind. What if we look at art differently, in terms of everyday life? What would …

October 31, 2014 //

Chicago’s Arts Education Plan: Where is it now?

If you’re wondering what ever happened to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Arts Education plan two years after its lauded unveiling – you’re probably not the only one. The good …

September 5, 2014 //

Next Thursday: Have a cocktail, immerse yourself in the arts (it’s free!)

Next Thursday (Sept 11, 6-8pm), Urban Gateways is thrilled to bring you Around the Arts, the second annual iteration of our free September supporter events. Yes, that’s correct, it is …

February 5, 2014 //

Black History Month: Simple ways to get involved

Anna Joranger also contributed to this post. Just yesterday a few Urban Gateways staffers visited an assembly by Soli Performing Arts at Burbank Elementary (Soli is one of our touring …


Hear from a volunteer: Photographing an Urban Gateways dance residency

By volunteer photographer Alayna Kudalis   Have you ever tried to learn a specific style of dance? Hip hop, ballet, jazz, folk or anything else? Well, I can tell you …

January 21, 2014 //

Why we love spoken word (LTAB registration now open!)

What’s fast, furious, and socially charged? Spoken word. We love what it does for Chicago, for our students, for the arts community, and for anyone who has anything to say …

January 13, 2014 //

Brand new year, brand new overview video

We are launching into 2014 in style thanks to a little help from our friends. Video volunteer Chris Siler worked on this overview video for us, featuring clips, pics, and …


These artists know how to swing, slam, and get the pARTy started

We hope that you’ve taken this week to recover from your Halloween festivities, because ARTini is back in a big way – and who doesn’t want to party for a …

July 31, 2013 //

The Future of Artist Salaries

Ever wonder how freelance artists are paid? Alexis Clements of Hyperallergic fills us in on this blog post. We’ve been hearing a lot of coverage on the recognition of arts …

May 30, 2013 //

“Breaking the Chains” and Celebrating the Arts in South Chicago, Lakeview

I know a lot of you are getting ready to rock Chicago’s summer street festivals…why not add a community arts event to your lineup? Two of our Community Schools, Greeley …