August 7, 2013 //

The Future of Art Lies Inside of a Box

I signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program last week. This year, a local farm will deliver a box of fresh seasonal produce to my home in Miami …

July 31, 2013 //

The Future of Artist Salaries

Ever wonder how freelance artists are paid? Alexis Clements of Hyperallergic fills us in on this blog post. We’ve been hearing a lot of coverage on the recognition of arts …


The Transformation of Summer School

Summer school is changing its image from a rigorous exercise in catch-up for under performing students to an enriching experience for kids at every level of success. This great article …

July 17, 2013 //

Technology and The Arts: Friends or Enemies?

Not surprisingly, arts education is changing in the midst of today’s technology. This blog post in the Chronicle of Higher Education makes the pros and cons of these technologies very …

July 10, 2013 //

Teaching At-Risk Youth: Preparing our Educators

Maurice Elias, a professor at the Rutger’s Psychology department, reflects on the growing concerns involved with teaching at-risk youth and preparing teachers for urban schools. Of course, issues surrounding this …

July 3, 2013 //

Should the U.S. Have a Secretary of Culture? The Answer is Yes.

I came across a thought piece in the Atlantic this morning asking this very question. I may be biased because I intend to become a musician, but I feel that …

June 14, 2013 //

Longer School Day, Lasting Benefits

Over the last 30 years, and particularly in the last decade after the passing of “No Child Left Behind”, many schools turned their focuses to reading and math proficiency. As …