January 10, 2014 //

Working Together to Bust a Move

What do you get when you combine hip hop, bachata, and matching sweatshirts? The KP Dance Crew of Kelvyn Park High School, who took teamwork and dance to a new level during Kim Schomburg‘s recent three month-long residency. The ten 9th through 12th grade students got to choose the styles they wanted to explore, and …

December 17, 2013 //

Forget sticks and stones: students take an EPIC approach to combat bullying

Did you know… Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. 71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school. 90% of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying. 1 out of 10 students drop out of school because repeated bullying. And over two-thirds of students believe …

December 3, 2013 //

Fairy Tale Remix: A Professional Development Q+A with Ashley Winston

Fairy tales aren’t just for kids anymore. October 4th was all about fantasy, as instructors for several ASPIRA schools participated in a professional development workshop led by teaching artists Ashley Winston and Maia Morgan. The session focused on teaching the instructors how to connect to their students through reading and literacy, and we have to …

November 19, 2013 //

Hedges students get a taste of Argentinean dance, Che Malambo style

Winter may be right around the corner, but Argentinean dance and music group, Che Malambo, was just getting warmed up when they made their North American debut at the Athenaeum Theatre on November 8th. And in their first audience? Just about 1,800 students and teachers from 20 different Chicago schools, including the attentive 5th and …


These artists know how to swing, slam, and get the pARTy started

We hope that you’ve taken this week to recover from your Halloween festivities, because ARTini is back in a big way – and who doesn’t want to party for a good cause? On November 8th, New Arts Forum’s signature event returns to Lumen for a night of food, drink, and live performances, all to benefit …

October 23, 2013 //

The Urban Gatekeeper

“It is only in the gripping prose of a well-written tale, the quiet harmonic tickling of a sonata, the bold brush strokes of a watercolor, or in the tracks of a smoothing finger in a clay sculpture that the lessons of life are revealed.” (Tracy Clark of N’DIGO, writing about Jessie Woods and Urban Gateways …

October 4, 2013 //

Staff Q&A: Meet Measurement & Documentation Manager, Carrie Rosales!

Reasons why we love Chicago in October: Chicago Artists Month (which is in full swing – take a look at their calendar of events), crisp fall air (sweatshirt weather!), and a never-ending supply of pumpkin spice lattes. One of many reasons why we love our staff year-round: see the photo below. Carrie Rosales, ukulele enthusiast …


Green Thumbs at Greeley

I see huge benefits…to the society that teaches its young people to think, dream, create, and imagine something new. -Teaching artist Sonja Henderson Who knew that Greeley Elementary was full of young up-and-coming environmentalists? Visual art and nature formed a harmonious duo at the school, where 6th through 8th grade students participated in a year-long …

September 4, 2013 //

Merging media art and history, one photo at a time

What do you get when you combine a media arts program with a history class? One pretty unique, integrated residency! Working alongside history teacher Erick Taft, teaching artist Samantha Hill took a 10th grade Lake View High School class back in time to learn all about the Great Migration (1915-1960) and its connection to the …


One teaching artist, one HUGE residency!

Karen Light and her students at Woodson Charter School have had a busy, rewarding year; starting last August and ending in June, Karen worked with approximately four hundred 6th through 8th graders in a visual arts residency that covered topics from color theory to anti-violence. Students learned to creatively express their thoughts on their personal …