Hedges students get a taste of Argentinean dance, Che Malambo style

Winter may be right around the corner, but Argentinean dance and music group, Che Malambo, was just getting warmed up when they made their North American debut at the Athenaeum Theatre on November 8th. And in their first audience? Just about 1,800 students and teachers from 20 different Chicago schools, including the attentive 5th and 6th graders at Hedges Elementary, in the Back of the Yards neighborhood!

Bringing South American flavor to Chicago, Che Malambo arose from the language and expressions of the Gaucho experience and centers on the traditional solo “malambo” dance, performed by men with accompanying lyric-less, percussion-based music. The show, which was a matinee version of the Global Rhythms series that Chicago Human Rhythm Project presents annually, focused on movements and concepts that these students had been learning about in their regular classes, such as rhythm, barefoot dancing, and foot-stomping. The kids definitely seemed to enjoy themselves, but don’t take it from us – just read some of their heartfelt feedback from the show:

“I was interested in [Che Malambo’s] movements. I was glad to learn about this dance and I was fascinated immediately.” “I am so happy because I never went to a theater before and going makes me happy.” “In our class we are participating in a project about movement and all of the shows we are going to see are about movement. I really appreciate [being able to attend]. It’s like you’re giving us an A+.” “I liked the bombos dance the most. Also they dance barefoot and are moving just like we are learning here. Thank you for letting us have this opportunity to see amazing dancers.”