Working Together to Bust a Move

What do you get when you combine hip hop, bachata, and matching sweatshirts? The KP Dance Crew of Kelvyn Park High School, who took teamwork and dance to a new level during Kim Schomburg‘s recent three month-long residency. The ten 9th through 12th grade students got to choose the styles they wanted to explore, and expressed specific interest in hip hop and bachata dance for their urban and Latin influences. “The students were really expressive and vocal about what music they wanted to use, what styles of dance, and what specific moves,” said Kim. “Pride, ownership, and commitment were wonderful contributions to this residency.”

While their individual talent allowed them to shine, their work as a team is what brought together the students’ final performance pieces for both dance styles. Certain students stepped up to the plate and assumed leadership roles, taking on the choreographing efforts and leading the creative direction of their dances.

“[One student] choreographed several sections of the hip hop dance and grew in his choreographic and directorial skills,” Kim said. “He is interested in pursuing leadership in this area, so I helped foster an atmosphere where he was able to be in charge and a student leader amongst the group. Another student felt more connected to bachata and took ownership over teaching that style. The students worked really hard together to encourage, teach, befriend each other. They were extremely supportive of each other and created an atmosphere of love and encouragement, excited to perform for the first time at the school assemblies.”

And the supportive environment they created benefited their teacher as well. “[They] were really giving. They encouraged me and the others, were committed, and worked hard. Most of them were starting from scratch and had never taken a dance class before, so to see their dedication and determination to be successful was inspiring for me. They were kind and thoughtful and just truly motivated to reach their goal for the residency.”

The students of the KP Dance Crew prove that dance skills and heart really go a long way. Take a look at their final performance video below!