Top 13 of 2013

2013 was a busy and fruitful year for Urban Gateways. We successfully merged with A.R.T., we served nearly 70,000 students, we added incredible new teaching and touring artists to our ranks…and we captured many of our inspiring program moments on the blog.

The holidays seemed like the perfect time to reflect on our accomplishments in 2013 – and to let you reflect with us! So, we hereby present you with our Top 13 Blog Moments of 2013 (in chronological order):

1. Special Needs Students Bring Animals to Life On-Screen

2. Staff Interview Series: Q+A with Executive Director Eric Delli Bovi

3. The Harlem Shake (Urban Gateways Version)

4. CoCre8ing in Washington Park

5. “I Am the Star of My Life”: The Mount Vernon Elementary Poetry Book

6. Imagining Main Street in South Chicago

7. Quiz: Can your taste in art reveal your personality?

8. Greeley Students Learn Sustainability through Art, Gardening

9. From our Archives: The Adventures of Super Cleanup Man (Copyright 1994)

10. “Turn Soft and Lovely”: Social Messages through Contemporary Art at Fairfield

11. See Our Impact (Deluxe Edition)

12. Chicago Students Get a Taste of Argentinean Dance, Che Malambo Style

13. Student Voices: Q+A with Former Art Options Apprentice Cam Harris

Inspired yet?

That’s it, folks. Have an artsy New Year!