Caldwell & Buckingham don’t just THINK they can dance – they know it!

Two residencies, two genres of dance, one teaching artist: Kim Schomburg has been busy the past several months teaching students at Caldwell Elementary School and Buckingham Special Education Center how to bust a move, and we have the videos/photos to prove it!

Ballet was the focus at Caldwell, where 3rd-8th grade students learned classical ballet and even got to create a version of their own, which they performed for their parents and teachers at the end of the residency. The class explored various moves and techniques, from plies to turns and everything in between; they also studied the French history and terminology and its influence on ballet in America today. “Their dialogue and willingness to explore something new provided a chance to break down judgments and stereotypes about ballet and opened up new ideas and excitement,” Kim said of her students. And that excitement definitely shows – just take a look at this video from their rehearsal!

And in case you couldn’t get enough of those adorable tutus, check out the photo set:

And hip-hop dance took center stage in a very different (but equally awesome) residency at Buckingham. The K-8th grade students worked with Kim in learning various moves and popular dances (such as the Harlem Shake), and even got to choreograph their own dances, which the older students performed in front of the whole school at an end-of-the-year Awards Ceremony (video below!). An influential genre for many in her all-boys classes, these students were eager to show off their urban flair and killer moves for the camera. “Most students already have an understanding of hip-hop, and can come in and express themselves quickly,” said Kim. “It’s a great place for them to feel empowered and own what they are doing in that time and space.” Take a look at dance making an artistic impact at Buckingham right here!