Sisai: Exploring the Andes Through Music

Touring Performance • Music

Journey through Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador on a musical and cultural exploration guided by a bilingual speaker and accompanied by musicians born and raised in Otavalo, Ecuador. Sisai proudly conveys its unique, indigenous culture through song, legend, language, and glimpses into Andean life. This quartet invites students to participate by clapping out the rhythm of a sanjuanito, joining in a dance to celebrate the harvest, and trying traditional Andean percussion and wind instruments.

Ancient flutes still echo through the Andes Mountains, and the heartfelt and joyful sounds easily resonate with children today. They spark imagination and transcend cultural borders. Performance can be tailored to specific age groups and areas of study. Bilingual, English, or Spanish presentations may be requested.

Availability: Monday through Friday, limited weekend

For all ages

Technical Requirements:

  • Minimum performance space of 8′ (deep) x 15′ (wide)
  • Access to electricity
  • If available, the performers will use a projector during the show




The performance we heard from Sisai was a wonderful experience for our students and staff. For many members of the audience, this was their first exposure to music from the Andes. All of us we struck by...the beautiful sounds and music that the performers generated. By weaving a strong explanation of the origin of the music throughout the program, as well as an explanation about the culture and peoples of the Andes region, the students were quickly drawn into the presentation. I can genuinely state that the Sisai performance was one of the strongest and most professional student enrichment programs that we have ever had visit our school.
Principal, Butler Junior High
Everyone greatly enjoyed the performance and would definitely be interested in future performances! Seeing the children clap in unison with the performance was amazing! 
Teacher, GEMS World Academy, Chicago IL
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes