History of Dance from Ballet to Breaking

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Do you know why ballet dancers turn their feet out? Know why it’s called “break”dancing?

Chicago Dance Crash’s “History of Dance from Ballet to Breaking” school program is a high-energy performance dedicated to the growth of art, society, and self through cultural respect and understanding. The origins of ballet in Europe, and hip hop in the U.S. are as influential to their own movement vocabularies as they are to the types of music, clothes, terminology, and even etiquette embraced by their practitioners. In relating the foundings of these forms to others including modern, jazz, and many more can we better understand the importance of diversity in our lives and community. Just as each dance style demonstrated was originally created through effort and originality, Dance Crash begs the question as to what each of us can create for the future. Students will witness a breathtaking assembly as they see where the backflips and handstands came from as well as learning how current pop culture references can become the traditions (or not) of the generations coming after them.

Availability:  Monday & Friday Mornings

For All Ages

Technical Requirements:

  • PA system with auxiliary hook up and cord
  • One microphone (preferably wireless)
  • Minimum 20×12 of performance space with a clean floor
  • Floors cannot be tile or concrete
  • Access to electricity




What a show! This performance exceeded our expectations. Everyone loved it. It ignited tremendous enthusiasm from students and teachers alike and many parents reported that their children came home talking about what they had learned, anxious to show off their moves and new found knowledge of the history of dance. Working with Claire was easy and straightforward. I would not hesitate to book another Urban Gateways performance in the future. Thank you!
Parent Coordinator, Lincolnwood School
This show was a HUGE hit with both students and faculty. It was an explosion of rhythm, action, athleticism and movement. The performance was both educational and inspirational. Music selection was first rate and appropriate for this high school audience. We smiled for days afterwards just recalling the event...Thanks so much for making them accessible to us.
Chicago Christian High School
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes