Four Layer Players Rock the House of Blues

Residency • Music

Musical learning can inspire much more than complex beats. During the 2015-16 school year, high school students at Chicago’s EPIC Academy participated in an after-school drumline program with teaching artist Michael Riendeau, learning about collaboration, rhythm, and the value of practice, practice, practice. On April 30, 2016, the Four Layer Players performed along with several other incredible student groups at the annual Action for the Arts Recital at the House of Blues. See the rest of the photos from the performance on our Flickr page.

The Four Layer Players have been going strong for several school years now, and the group provides much more than the opportunity to perform on a legendary stage. As one student said about the program:

“What I enjoy about drumline is that my peers around me, they’re very supportive of me and if I mess up, they’re able to get me back on track. And I like that we come up with something new each time. There’s always something I can look forward to, and I always come back. I was literally waiting on winter break just to come back and play drums.”

Check out this video of the Four Layer Players’ 2014-2015 program by Chris Siler:

Photos (left) of the Four Layer Players at the House of Blues by Alayna Kudalis.