Flamenco: The Music of Movement

Touring Performance • Dance, Music

This dynamic ensemble, featuring a trio of musicians and a solo dancer, showcases the evolution of flamenco and emphasizes the importance of collaboration, echoing the way many cultures came together to influence the creation of this Spanish style of music and dance.

This performance opens with historical references to the cultural migrations that made their way to the south of Spain both influencing and contributing to what we now recognize as the flamenco art form. Audiences will hear Arabic and Balkan rhythms as well as classical turn-of-the-century pieces in order to learn what it means to draw from traditional forms as inspiration for other musical and dance genres. After showcasing the influences and traditional style of flamenco, the performers will demonstrate examples of different projects flamenco artists have explored in recent years such as hybrid forms which incorporate art forms like quawli and hip hop into their work. This will lead into some of the quartet’s originally devised and unique interpretations informed by Gypsy jazz and the larger American jazz repertoire.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

For All Ages

Technical Requirements

  • Access to electricity
  • Private changing area (preferably not a student bathroom)
  • 3 chairs
  • Floors cannot be cement

This performance also offers an Immersion Workshop. To learn more about Immersion Workshops, click here. To book a Workshop paired with a Touring Performance, please specify under “Comments” on our Request Form.



It was wonderful. Students and faculty gave highly positive feedback; they were impressed by the artistry and musicianship of the ensembles members.
Teacher, Chicago Christian High School
The performance was great. Especially at the end where students got to [go] on stage and dance flamenco. All the students were engaged.
Administrator, Nathan Davis Elementary School
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes