Finding the Light Inside

Touring Performance • Theater

There are children who cannot see the beauty they possess and give to the world. In this performance, audiences will be inspired by a variety of uplifting stories which emphasize the unique and important role each person plays. Reference to vibrant multicultural dolls will encourage critical thinking skills as students briefly explore what makes each culture and each person a unique gift. Awareness of the difference between perception and reality and fact versus opinion will be heightened as well. Percussive instruments from around the world will welcome children to get up and move!

This collection of captivating tales and musical elements comes together to encourage audience members to celebrate their individuality and to champion the right we all have to let our light shine.


The interactive performance of “Ananse and How the Moon Came to be in the Sky” welcomes audiences to tell with Mama Edie her delightful adaptation of this Ghanaian folktale. One day, after falling into a river, Ananse’s wife and six children come to his rescue as he holds on to the beautiful ball of light he had found in the forest. After much arguing over who should be rewarded with the brilliant orb, they realize that each one helped to save their father. Agreeing on an amazing plan to share the light, the children are reminded that, although everyone is different, all have a right to allow their light to shine.

Mama Edie’s original story of “Boca Linda, the Shrinking Girl” is a mystical reminder that beauty is only skin deep. It was inspired by a folk song called “Bo Calinda” that Mama Edie learned years ago in Trinidad with Urban Gateways. “Boca Linda,” which means “beautiful mouth” in Spanish, was created in response to the apparent need for more children to learn to see and appreciate their own natural beauty, whatever the color of their skin. The story is performed interactively with maracas, West African instruments, movement and song. Although Boca Linda was as beautiful as a starlit night, some of the things she said with her beautiful mouth were not kind. She, therefore, finds herself shrinking when she says mean things to her friends. She learns through a strange experience one night in the darkness of her room the importance of speaking kindly to others. Audiences then celebrate her growth and joy when she finally learns to set a good example.

Other stories, songs or activities may be included as influenced by the questions that the students ask during the performance. All content, however, will address the importance of respecting one’s self and others. Students will be inspired to see their own natural beauty; to find those special gifts, those talents, the light that everyone has inside.

Availability: Tuesday-Friday, Weekends

For grades K-5

Technical Requirements:

  • Microphone with a mic stand
  • 4-6′ table for item display
  • Private dressing room (preferably not a student bathroom)

Language Options:

Mama Edie enjoys sharing interactive stories and songs. Given sufficient notice, selected stories from her repertoire can be prepared for bilingual performances, blending Spanish and English throughout! Songs may be enjoyed interactively and completely in Spanish or English. Some may also be provided in the West African languages of Yoruba (Nigeria) and Twi (Ghana). American Sign Language may also be incorporated into Mama Edie’s performances. Stories of India and songs sung in Sanskrit may be provided as well! Mama Edie believes that if we learn even a little bit of other peoples’ languages, this alone will bring us that much closer together for a better world.

Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes