Breakin’ It Down: Hip Hop Dance History

Touring Performance • Dance

Breakin’ It Down is now available as a Virtual Performance! Learn more and request Virtual Performances here >>

From the dancers behind The History of Dance from Ballet to Breakdancing comes this new exciting show all about the world of hip hop dance!

This highly-interactive performance focuses on the history of various hip hop dance styles, including popping, waving, funk, breakdancing, and more. Students will learn about the development of this now iconic dance style, from its early start in freestyle back in the 1960s to the choreography seen in today popular culture. Throughout the performance, audiences will join in as dancers demonstrate these exciting techniques, and get a chance to show off their own moves during a classic Soul Train.

Availability: Monday & Friday Mornings

For all ages

Technical Needs:

  • PA system with auxiliary hook up and cord
  • One microphone (preferably wireless)
  • Minimum 20×12 of performance space with a clean floor
  • Floors cannot be tile or concrete
  • Access to electricity




The students were all engaged throughout the entire performance and really took away a lot of new information. Even days later, students were still practicing the dance moves they learned!
Teacher, St. Angela School, Chicago IL
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes