Bob Faust

Board Member

By drawing upon the language and tools of the design world and capitalizing on his expertise as a typographer, Bob Faust creates visual, visceral and contextual art experiences that inform, empower and/or instigate in the service or celebration of human difference. Faust is also the studio/special projects director for artist Nick Cave, and has been recognized nationally and internationally for his creativity and clarity through many prestigious exhibitions and publications including: Great Ideas of Humanity: Out of the Container (Chicago Design Museum, 2018), GU LTY / NNOCENT (Call-and-Response to Nick Cave’s UNTIL, MASS MoCA, 2017) Nick Cave: Kaleidoscopic Playground (MASS MoCA, 2017) Fluid Bound (Co-Prosperity Sphere, 2016) Unfolded: Made with Paper (Chicago Design Museum, 2016) Bob Faust: Peace Pop (Chicago Cultural Center, 2016) Bob Faust: Betweens (Riverside Arts Center, 2016) CHGO DSGN (Chicago Cultural Center, 2014) Nick Cave: Body Work (ICA Boston, 2014) Bob Faust: Ipseity (Manifold Gallery, 2013) Collection (Society of Typographic Arts).