Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

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Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre (CRDT) was founded in 1996 by a trio of successful artists: Joe Cerqua, a composer and accomplished musician; Wilfredo Rivera, talented choreographer and dancer; and painter/muralist Matt Lamb. The founding artists’ philosophy continues, driving the company to enhance the human experience through the creative fusion of innovative and original work in each of these disciplines. CRDT is a company that has redefined the concept of a performance ensemble. By uniquely fusing contemporary dance, live music, and visual art together on stage, CRDT performances truly satisfy the senses.

Cerqua Rivera’s work centers on the ensemble’s core values of cultural diversity, community, collaboration, and creative passion. Founded by a musician, a dancer, and a painter, their early work involved all three art forms and also true communication among the visions and aesthetics of the founders. Over time, CRDT has continued actively nurturing collaboration, personal expression, and multiple artistic disciplines.

Their vision is artistic celebration that lowers the cultural barriers that too often divide us. Company members listen to one another and seek input, ideas, and feedback as they create. Work presented in concert includes original music compositions created in tandem with original choreography. Concert performances are a mix of music alone and music and dance together, and over the course of a concert CRDT seeks to touch on a range of experiences, emotions, and modes.


Touring Performances