January 31, 2018 //

Mother & Daughter Workshop at Nuestro Center

Youth, Family, and Community Workshop Teaching artist Diana Solís led a 3-part Mother/Daughter Workshop at Nuestro Center in Highwood, IL from December 27-29, 2017. This visual arts workshop series focused on themes of Latina empowerment, culture, and identity; from portraiture to collage, workshop participants teamed up with their family members to explore facets of identity …


Southside Occupational: Mindfulness & Art

At Southside Occupational, teaching artist Jesse Avina’s partnership with classroom art teacher Ms. Radomski allowed high school students with special needs to encounter the mindfulness that accompanies art-making. Over the course of several years, Jesse and his students planned and built a mosaic mural in the school’s main hallway that communicates a message of welcome …

February 1, 2017 //

Irekani Ferreyra

Irekani is an interdisciplinary teaching artist with broad experience as a performer of Mexican music and dance. Within dance, Irekani’s specialties are Aztec dance as well as zapateado (percussive foot tapping). He plays a wide variety of instruments: Violin, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, requinto jarocho, jarana jarocha, Mexican harp, flute, Aztec drum, cajon, Cuban tres, Bolivian charango, vihuela, huapanguera, …

December 16, 2016 //

Diana Solís

Diana Solís is a visual artist and art educator who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Diana works as a teaching artist for Urban Gateways and has taught for over 30 years with many art programs and community art partnerships in Chicago, including the National Museum of Mexican Art, the …

December 15, 2016 //

Mercedes Inez Martinez

Mercedes Inez, a multidisciplinary artist and art educator, attended Loyola University Chicago with a focus in Theatre, Visual Arts, and Music. She works as a performer and teaching artist for Urban Gateways as well as working with Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, Son Monarcas, and Nahui Ollin (all of whom are Urban Gateways touring performance groups) among …

July 13, 2016 //

Science Meets Design at Haines Elementary

Students at Haines Elementary not only learned about important scientific issues, but also channeled their knowledge to create wearable art in this 2016 residency program with teaching artist Nicole Beck.

July 11, 2016 //

Holding Chicago High with Mosaics

Students at Southside Occupational learned about abstract artists and experimented with abstract techniques in various projects, including an 8 x 20 foot mosaic mural.

July 8, 2016 //

Abstract Art at the Islamic Community Center

K-6th grade students enjoyed the first-ever visual arts program at the Islamic Community Center of Illinois Elementary School, completing abstract art projects and learning about math along the way with teaching artist James Jankowiak.

February 3, 2016 //

Traveling Minds

This Pilsen-based program utilized soft sculpture and installation art to encourage connections between local schools, and to spark dialogue about the neighborhood’s identity.

January 22, 2016 //

Discovering the Caribbean at Miles Davis

West Englewood students stepped out of their comfort zones to gain new creative skills in summer 2015, exploring the Caribbean Carnival festival through four different artistic disciplines and a field trip experience.