Urban Gateways Maps Out Its Impact

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Urban Gateways has unveiled maps that illustrates the scope and depth of its arts programming in Chicago during the 2011-2012 school year.

Urban Gateways served more than 87,000 students at 185 schools and organizations last year. The colors on the maps below correspond with the amount of time we spent (in weeks) in each Chicago community.

Some communities experienced Urban Gateways programs at several sites, others only in one. To find out exactly where and what type of programming is happening within these communities, please check out the map’s legend.

Programming listed on these maps does not include Urban Gateways programming that occurred in the Chicago suburbs.

Download PDF of Urban Gateways Impact Maps>> Download legend for Impact Maps>>

This project and resulting maps and legend were made possible through the work of Lee Spencer and Urban Gateways staff members Carrie Rosales, Kristy Conway and Anna Joranger.