Urban Gateways Community Commemorate 50 Years of Art Education By Creating Art

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On April 1, 2011, Urban Gateways held its 50th Anniversary Gala at Venue One in Chicago’s West Loop. As a part of the evening’s multitude of celebrations and recognitions, UG teaching artist, James Jankowiak set up a live art making station during the after-party and worked with gala attendees to produce a piece of art that would commemorate the 50 years of exemplary arts education and artistic collaboration in the Chicago area.

Mr. Jankowiak began this project by leading a class of fifth graders in the Arts-Wired School of Fairfield Academy in creating a series of stencils based on concepts of radical design, pattern, rhythm and geometric shapes. Students passed on their finished work on to the gala where their 50 commemorative squares were then painted by gala attendees and mounted by Mr. Jankowiak as the evening drew to a close.

This commemorative mural celebrates the rich artistic collaboration valued by Urban Gateways and demonstrates the diversity and unique artistic perspective of all of those who come in contact with its work.