Catalyst Quotes UG Staff Member on Ingenuity Inc. Arts Ed Map

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In a recent Catalyst Chicago article, Jordan LaSalle of Urban Gateways weighed in on the impact of Ingenuity Inc.’s new interactive arts education map.

Read the Catalyst article here! ArtLook is a new interactive online tool created by Ingenuity, Inc. in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools Department of Arts Education. ArtLook maps out all arts programming in Chicago Public Schools, and makes it easier for parents, teachers, and schools to locate arts resources. Urban Gateways participates in this project, and our programming can be found on the map.

“This helps show us the communities that are lacking the arts, and where other arts organizations are working,” Urban Gateways Director of Community Partnerships Jordan LaSalle said in the Catalyst article. “Instead of providing redundant services, we can create partnerships with them or move to communities where we’re needed even more.”