Randolph Elementary’s After-School Trifecta

After-school artist residency programs at Randolph provided 5th through 8th grade students with access to three different arts experiences: vocal music, African dance, and percussion.

November 6, 2015 //

The Children of Willesden Lane: Thoughts from Our Audience

From October 28-30, Urban Gateways welcomed 6,200 Chicago students and teachers representing 45 schools and 27 zip codes to the Harris Theater for Music and Dance to experience Mona Golabek’s amazing show, “The Children of Willesden Lane.” Hear what they had to say about this moving performance experience.

October 2, 2015 //

Entrance Mosaic by South Shore Students Welcomes Community with Creativity

“It was really fun and really hard work,” one eighth grader at South Shore Fine Arts Academy told me of her recent experience creating a mosaic for her school’s entrance. …

September 4, 2015 //

Thoughts from a Crosswalk Artist

Urban Gateways’ new creative aging initiative, Crosswalk, brought together students as young as 16 and seniors as old as 94 at Montgomery Place, a senior living facility in Hyde Park. …


The Internship

Today, while posting our internship description on various job-searching sites, I was able to take a moment to reflect on my own time working as an intern at Urban Gateways. …

August 14, 2015 //

When you can’t actually take a field trip to the Caribbean…

Summer has reached its peak in Chicago, and depending largely on the dew point, you’re probably spending a lot of time either lounging away from the sun or exploring, whether …


Immersion Workshops Promote Summer-Long Learning, Spark Inspiration

School’s out, but Urban Gateways continues to send artists to summer programs all over the city from June through August. Featured here, two touring groups led immersion workshops to keep …


The Selfie: Is it Art?

Using a camera phone to take a picture of yourself, or taking a “selfie”, has become increasing popular with the advent of new front facing cameras on iPhones and other …

June 26, 2015 //

From Pullman to Southside, Building Awareness One School Hallway at a Time

Most of our school-based programs have concluded for the year, but a number of our artist-in-residence programs left lasting marks on the communities they served. We thought we’d take a …

May 15, 2015 //

Scientists for Tomorrow€ Attend 5th Annual STEAM Conference at Northeastern Illinois University

STEM to STEAM: Take science, technology, engineering, and math – and infuse the arts. This educational concept indicates the role the arts play in creative innovation, which benefits everything from …