ART & Artist Spotlight: Justin Grey

Today we’re excited to introduce you to someone who’s been critical to bringing creative energy to our 60th Anniversary ART & Speaker Series!

Chicago artist Justin Grey has been contributing graffiti artworks to every ART & episode throughout 2021; ART & events invite our supporters and community members to explore connections between the arts and a variety of timely and thought-provoking topics, presented in a virtual speaker series format and featuring artists, arts and community leaders, art enthusiasts, and more. Justin’s artworks have added a valuable element to the series, connecting these conversations to real-world, of-the-moment art-making.

Check out this video to hear what he has to say about his art making experiences:

And view a complete gallery of Justin’s 2021 ART & pieces on our Flickr:

ART & Artist Spotlight: Justin Grey

BONUS: Two of these are public art pieces you can find in Chicago – ART & Resistance at 71st & Wallace, and ART & Changemaking at 59th & Parnell.

Thanks for all you do, Justin!

The last event of our 2021 ART & Speaker Series is ART & Looking Ahead on December 8; learn more and register here >>

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