You’re invited: “Black Panther Party”, a Student Exhibition

Remember Imagine Main Street? In its last incarnation, it offered EPIC Academy students the chance to conceptualize and design businesses to make their community more vibrant. This time around, Urban Gateways is collaborating with the Washington Park Arts Incubator on an Imagine Main Street program that gives local high school students the opportunity to explore history through the arts with the guidance of professional teaching artists. You’re invited to experience it yourself this weekend:

Black Panther Party: Remembrance (A Public Exhibition) When: Saturday, December 7, 4-6pm Where: Arts Incubator, 301 E. Garfield Blvd., Chicago IL 60637 Who: Imagine Main Street participants & Arts Incubator Design Apprentices

This exhibition explores the history of the Black Panther Party and its heroic efforts for civil rights. Featuring live rap and poetry performances, all community members are welcome. Students will be available to answer questions about their innovative work.


* * *

“Now, a lot of people call a revolution a confrontation. Really, a revolution is a need to revolve more political power and economic power back to the hands of the people.” [Bobby Seale, Co-founder, Black Panther Party]

GET READY for the exhibition by brushing up on your history. Here’s an excerpt from PBS’ “Eyes on the Prize” documentary about the Civil Rights Movement. This excerpt focuses on the Black Panther Party, its many contributions to the black community, and how it dealt with negative public images surrounding its actions. Have a watch, we guarantee that you’ll learn something new. And see you Saturday!