You are Soul Sweet: Reconstructing corporate ads at Fairfield Academy

Oh, how we love our artists! They have truly been rocking the Urban Gateways world lately with their amazing documentation & eagerness to share, not to mention their always-awesome work in Chicago classrooms.

Here we’ve got a slideshow created by James ‘Casper’ Jankowiak about his visual arts residency at Fairfield Academy! You might remember mention of this before (for you faithful readers out there) – James worked with Fairfield students to examine corporate advertising and how it affects our thinking, and they created art addressing this theme. We love the combination of artwork and social consciousness; this is what arts education is all about, folks. We are educating artists, but also thinkers.

Check out James’ slideshow below! You can also watch video interviews with James and Ms. Alps (a classroom teacher he worked with at Fairfield) right here!