We want YOU! To help document the enormous impact of arts education!

Calling all enthusiastic supporters (and we know you’re out there): Are you a photographer? Videographer? Educator? All or a few of the above?

We have an awesome photo/video volunteer project underway, a chance for you to go into our classrooms and document our teaching artists and students in action! Where do you think all of the lovely videos and photos on here come from? From our incredible team of volunteers! Kudos to current volunteers Ray Manrique, Jacob Yeung, Kelda Baljon and Rebecca Kahn for their photo/video contributions and their amazing eye in the classroom – and now, we want you to join them!

This is a seriously great opportunity for us to make our programs visible. It’s also a seriously great opportunity for YOU to interact with amazing teaching artists and students, see the art making process firsthand, and build your portfolio while you’re at it. FLEXIBLE (extremely flexible) schedule with little perks such as event invitations! It’s fun, it’s rewarding…why on earth wouldn’t you give it a try? Email crosales@urbangateways.org with resume, cover letter, and photo samples if interested!

Find out more here!

And thanks again for all you do to support arts education in Chicago. Keep reacting!