Science & Society: Arts integration at Carson

A seriously innovative project: This residency with a fourth-grade science class at Carson Elementary was all about pressure – scientific, interpersonal, and societal.

Students worked in pairs with acrylic boxes provided by teaching artist Jillian Gryzlak. Each pair of students created a character dialogue that they wrote on transparent paper and incorporated into their box (see photos below). The boxes represented atmospheric pressure, which they had discussed in class; the dialogues represented pressure between people or in society. Jillian encouraged these students to think on several levels at once.

And…These dialogues will be incorporated into an abstract mural that 18 dedicated 4th graders are working on in an afterschool program with James Jankowiak. They’ll reveal their mural at the end of the school year.

Let’s get to the good stuff – here’s what 4th grade students told photo volunteer Ryan Rodriguez about Jillians’ residency:

“I learned it didn’t look like anything until you put it all together, then it’s like beautiful art.” -Jazmin “I learned we can succeed if we try.” -Jonathan “I learned you can put anything you want together to make art.” -Alexa

And photos (thanks Ryan!):