Recording Now Available from the “Amplifying Authenticity” Teen Panel

On August 24 we presented “Amplifying Authenticity: Teens on the Chicago Arts Landscape” alongside Teen Arts Pass and with support from Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events – and as expected, we were so inspired by the insights of the teen leaders who took the time to participate in this virtual panel and share their thoughts about the lives and needs of young people as we explore the future of our city’s arts sector.

The recording is now available for you to experience (or re-experience) and get inspired any time! Check it out below and hear from Malcolm, Isabella, Jada, Miles, and Angel.

“Part of this new normal – or, my personal definition for it is ‘next normal’, because I feel personally that there’s [not this clear] connection between the past and like, just adding some new things in; I don’t think that’s how it’s going to happen. I think that we’re going to have to completely shift into our next normal.” ~Miles

“Time was something that I found that I had shockingly a lot of during quarantine, and I was really able to get involved in a lot of different things. I didn’t need to worry about transportation…I could jump from a Google Meet to a Zoom meeting. And so in terms of how I want [the arts sector] to evolve, honestly I feel like the pandemic has shown that not everything has to go in-person. Especially if being online does make it more accessible for people. So I think that’s a big takeaway from this pandemic, is that [virtual] could be a format that people can take as a resource, to even get a broader audience and to get people in.” ~Isabella

Hear more from our teen panelists:
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