Make Black History Month Come Alive

Black History Month – an opportunity for education, an opportunity for art, an opportunity for inspiration

It’s almost February, which means it’s almost Black History Month. Looking for ways to make this an unforgettable experience for your students rather than a simple history lesson? We’ve got you covered. Urban Gateways touring performances offer a wide range of options – from connecting African roots to learning about African-Americans in popular music styles:

African Village Folktales Celebration Dances of West Africa From Rag to Rap The Birthplace of Rhythm: West Africa The Evolution of African-American Music The Largest African Empire Revealed

And if you don’t work for a school, and don’t need an assembly, no problem: Just take a minute to think about it. Often the students who see our performances are seeing a live, professional show for the first time ever, and to connect that formative experience with a historical moment is the sort of thing they won’t soon forget. We put great weight on our touring shows for what they can do for children’s minds – artistically, educationally, and inspirationally.

Questions? Want to book a show? Call Tarah. Want to just talk about why these programs are important? Leave a comment! When did you see a live arts performance that inspired you as a kid?