Free-flowing color brightens classrooms & hallways at Woodson

Check out the latest from teaching artist Karen Light‘s residency at Woodson Middle School in Bronzeville, where students are tackling color theory and self portraits. After discussing the color wheel and how different hues can translate to emotions, Karen taught her students all about facial proportions and color blending. Then the young artists transformed these concepts into self portraiture.

The result? Bright, thoughtful artwork! And very soon, students will work in teams to install their portraits in school hallways. This year-long residency is making a lasting (and beautiful) impact on the Woodson community!

Students’ quote of the day during one recent session: “I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have not really seen, and that after I start to draw an ordinary thing, I see how extraordinary it is.” -Fredrick Franck

And here’s what this quote meant to Woodson eighth graders:

“Even if you think something is ugly, maybe you start drawing and then you realize it’s worth something.”

“Art can make you see from a different point of view, see things differently.”

“You might start drawing one thing and it can become something else.”

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