And now, a colorful pre-K moment!

These younguns at Barbara Vick Early Childhood Center are…okay, first of all, adorable. But also talented artists and dedicated students – just look at that focus!

Working with Urban Gateways teaching artist Jesse Avina, students learned all about colors, what they can mean, and how to mix them.

Plus Jesse helped them to consider examples of color out in the world – through cultures and through nature. They learned about Holi, the Indian Festival of Color, during which people toss handfuls of pigment and paint at each other to celebrate the coming of spring. They also looked at pictures of the Aurora Borealis to see how colors can fluctuate in nature.

Congratulations to Jesse for giving these students a vivid taste of visual art, and for bringing the world into his classroom.

Thanks to intern Hailee Moore for her help preparing this entry!