Sea Creatures Thrive in Back of the Yards

This post features teaching artist Maia Morgan’s 2nd grade class at Sherman School of Excellence. During this literary/theater residency, students read ocean poetry and wrote their own “Ocean Lullaby”, below. Not to mention that they got to flex their sea creature muscles during theater games (delightful photos follow their poem).

Ocean Lullaby [an excerpt] By Keshay, Nadia, Lakizzie, Aniyah, Amber, Shamelah, Asia, Alya, Treveon, Isaiah, Italy, Freeman, Jordane, Samya, Yulnia, Jai, Michael, Variah, Ezekiel, & Christian

Why are you so big and blue, do you get tired of that?

Dear ocean, why do people throw garbage in you and why are you so bumpy?

Close your eyes little baby, you are going to hear a water splash

Dear ocean, why do you have to be cold and why do you make the nice shh shh shh sound?

I see the electric eel

Why do you cover most of the earth?

Starfish, starfish, go to sleep. They you’ll have happy dreams. You will see the seahorse.

Go to sleep, don’t you cry

go to sleep

deep blue white

When you’re going to see a sea turtle and me.

Lullaby lullaby, don’t be afraid to go out in the deep ocean. Hush little baby killer whale.