Party for arts education at Parliament Chicago

If you’ve never before attended a New Arts Forum (Urban Gateways Auxiliary Board) event to support arts education, now’s your best chance yet: ARTINI 2014 is next Friday, November 14, from 6-9pm at Parliament Chicago in River North. ALL are welcome. Below, our Top 7 reasons to join us next Friday!


This year we’re moving Artini to a swanky new location, Parliament Chicago. It’s one of Chicago’s most in-demand nightlife spots and features a mix of “Old English class and American swag.” (What?!) You DON’T want to miss that.


The New Arts Forum is our Auxiliary Board of young professionals. They’re passionate about providing arts education to Chicago students, and we can tell you from experience that their charisma gets any party going. (Hence one of their taglines – pARTy for a cause.) Photos below of NAF and friends from our last event, ArtSee.


These pictures might just speak for themselves…You get to see live performances by Urban Gateways touring artists Piel Morena Contemporary Dance and magician Walter King Jr., “The Spellbinder”, right in the midst of all that English class and American swag. We can’t make any promises, but levitation and/or live doves are real possibilities. Either way, fancy tricks and gorgeous dance pieces are certainties.


You can bid on salon certificates, Chicago sports merch, theater tickets, gym memberships, a whiskey package…the list goes on. You won’t find deals this good anywhere. AND the money supports arts education programs. 25 packages and counting!


Artini features specialty cocktails and hors d’ouevres provided by Parliament; beer provided by Goose Island; and wine provided by Four Corners Tavern Group. Is all this included in your ticket price? Yes. Yes it is. Ruminate on that for a second. (I’m skipping the photo here; you might be at work and we wouldn’t want to be cruel.)


Artini is turning five. The previous four events have all been wildly good times; see last year’s photos below for proof (photos by Michele King – thanks Michele!). However, Artini #5 will be bigger and better than any of its predecessors.


Why do Urban Gateways and the New Arts Forum host events like Artini? For you to have a good time, yes, obviously. But the point is to have a good time that means something, knowing that what you’ve spent on your evening is helping to bring dance, music, theater, literary arts, visual arts, and digital media programs to Chicago students, often in schools and communities where arts resources are scarce. Our programs frequently provide the only artistic learning in a child’s day.

Think for a moment about an art form that impacted you as a student. Whether it was watching your first concert, performing in a play, writing poetry, learning to paint, anything, we are willing to bet you have a creative story and that it played a crucial role in forming your identity. Let’s make sure that all Chicago students get the same opportunity. You can help by attending Artini.


Thanks to our sponsors:

John and Joan Gilchrist

Eric Delli Bovi and Carolyn Cristofani