Our Top Picks of 2015

Our annual January post reflecting on our (very subjectively) favorite blogs of the previous year is always a fun opportunity for reflection, and in this case, it brings to light a theme we’ve been thinking more and more about here at Urban Gateways: The City as a Classroom. Below you’ll discover many stories about programs that offered students new access to Chicago neighborhoods, institutions, and creative experiences.

Check out highlights of 2015 – and get ready for a 2016 just as packed full of artistic, city-wide adventures!

[Links in chronological order. Jon Steindorf contributed to this post.]


1. Art for All Gala Performers Light Up the Artistic Spectrum

2. Exploring Diversity through Dance at Greeley Elementary

3. EPIC Academy Students Rock the House of Blues

4. “Creativity in Motion” at the Dance Center of Columbia College

5. Class is in Session: The Traveling Classroom Chicago

6. Immersion Workshops Promote Summer-Long Learning at Pope John Paul II School, Gill Park

7. Englewood Students Visit Belvis Cultural Center for Caribbean-Themed Creativity

8. The Internship

9. Thoughts from a Creative Aging “Crosswalk” Artist

10. “The Children of Willesden Lane” at the Harris Theater: Reflections from Our Audience

11. Utilizing Your Community as a Classroom

12. The Healing Power of Creativity: Arts Therapy for Military Members


Have a fantastically creative 2016!

Pictured: Creativity in Motion. Photo by Lucas Anti.

Pictured: The Traveling Classroom Chicago.

Pictured: Immersion Workshop at Gill Park. Photo by Lucas Anti.