Son Monarcas

Artist • Touring • Dance, Music

Son Monarcas, formerly known as Tarima Son, is a traditional/contemporary musical group that was formed in 2002. They have been contracted to perform in various venues in the Chicago area such as the Old Town School of Folk Music, the Folk and Arts Fest in Evanston, The Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, The Field Museum, and others. Son Monarcas has also performed at the Folklife Fest of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., which tours in different states. Son Monarcas plays music that originated in Mexico. This music came about through the mixing of the cultures of African slaves, the Spanish, and principally, the indigenous people. The members of Son Monarcas have rich experience in the field of education, teaching Mexican music and dance (zapateado), making instruments (clay whistles, straw trumpets, drums, maracas etc.), and conducting poetry/musical workshops.


Touring Performances