Soli Performing Arts Company

Artist • Touring • Dance, Music

Soli Performing Arts Company is committed to the education of young people, both through their performance and in the classroom. They carry out their educational philosophy by initiating and developing programs at various schools in Chicago, social service agencies, community services, and other dance companies in the city. They are made up of self-motivated dance educators prepared to entertain and teach as individuals and as a team.

Soli is an African term that means big dance. The company members have committed themselves to education through a musical, theatrical, and dance repertoire that embraces both the traditional and modern West African arts. These styles are also combined with Caribbean music and song.

Soli is made up of five artists:

Vella Davis-Pearce – Artistic Director, Choreographer, Makeup Artist, and Costumer, formerly of Najwa Dance Corp.

Sundjata Imhepi – Principal drummer for Najwa Dance Corps, Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago, and Seneke West African Percussion Ensemble. He continues to study with many world-renowned artists from various parts of African and the United States.

Najwa Laveau Davis-Dobrez – We are proud and very happy to welcome Najwa to our company. She comes to us with the gifts of dance and choreography, curretly a member of Najwa Dance Corp.

Aluna-Faye – Costume Designer and powerful seamstress, formerly of Najwa Dance Corp. Over the years, she has had her very own children’s dance company.

Andrae Vinson – Artistic Director of Najwa Dance Corps and a dancer and musician for Soli Performing Arts Company.