Please Note: In an effort to keep young people, partners, artists, and everyone else we work with safe & healthy, we are not currently offering in-person programs. Learn about Virtual Programs we’re currently offering here.

Immersion Workshops offer arts experiences for small groups (up to 30 participants) following a Touring Performance, led by a professional artist who performed in the show. These one-time workshops allow young people to more deeply explore the art forms and themes they see on stage during the Touring Performance.

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Interested in booking a Touring Performance with an Immersion Workshop? Fill out our Performance Request Form and specify under “Comments” that you’d like to pair an Immersion Workshop with the show.

Pictured: “Birthplace of Rhythm” Immersion Workshop. Photo by Lucas Anti.


The Birthplace of Rhythm

Participants play drums together after learning various techniques and practicing listening skills necessary to play in a group.

Breakin’ It Down: Hip Hop History

Participants learn about hip hop culture and elements of hip hop dance by practicing choreography and participating in a freestyle cypher.

Chinese Folk & Classical Dance

After learning about the cultural history and technique behind silk ribbons, participants improvise their own silk ribbon dance.

Elements of Dance

Participants engage in movement and dance after exploring a series of improvisational exercises that encourage them to creatively move their bodies in new and different ways.

Flamenco: The Music of Movement

Participants explore song, dance, and percussive hand-clapping to develop a deeper understanding of how music and movement work together in flamenco.

Game of Warriors: Brazilian Capoeira

Once participants learn the basic movements and musical elements along with the history of the art form, they perform and play the game of Capoeira.

Made-Up Musical

Participants learn the basic fundamentals of improvisation through interactive games that stretch their bodies, voices, and imaginations while emphasizing collaboration as they play and work together to become an ensemble.