Award-winning spoken word artist in action at Wentworth School

Teaching artist Avery Young – incidentally, also the recent winner of a 3Arts Award (go Avery!) – has been slamming up a storm at Wentworth School in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.

Not only are we loving what is going on at Wentworth, but both Avery and his students are having a blast! One of Avery’s favorite things about this residency is the spirited students. Students are having great reactions to working with Avery as well. A student in the first group says her favorite part of the residency is getting out of the classroom and working with her friends, while another student says he benefits from the time and fun space to work on his rhymes.

Check out photos and a video clip below. Pretty obvious that these students are enjoying themselves, and Avery’s energy is contagious. Can we be students too?

Oh, the charisma! We’re hoping to collect a couple of final written pieces from these students, so check in again soon!